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1kmic20g   1,000 ft. PREMIUM BULK 20 ga. 5150 MICROPHONE MIC AUDIO CABLE
phono4   1/4" TS Tip Sleeve (mono) phono plug cord end
5150x10   10' ft. 5150 20 awg. MICROPHONE CABLES - LIFETIME WARRANTY
hwsp142550   14 gauge 25 to 50 ft. Hot Wires Speaker Cable
1SKB1904   1SKB1904 Standard Roto Caster Kit
1SKB1910U   1SKB1910U Standard 10 Unit Effects Rack
1SKB1912U   1SKB1912U Standard 12 Unit Effects Rack/case
1SKB192U   1SKB192U Standard 2U Effects Rack
1SKB194U   1SKB194U Standard 4 Unit Effects Rack/case
1SKB198U   1SKB198U Standard 8 Unit Effects Rack/case
1SKB19R1010   1SKB19R1010 Roto GigRig
1SKB19R1406   1SKB19R1406 The Mighty GigRig
1SKBR10   1SKBR10 10 Unit Ultimate Strength Series Roto-Rack
1SKBR12   1SKBR12 12U Ultimate Strength Series Roto-Rack
1SKBR4   1SKBR4 4U Ultimate Strength Series Roto-Rack
1SKBR6   1SKBR6 6 Unit Ultimate Strength Series Roto-Rack
1SKBR8   1SKBR8 8 Unit Ultimate Strength Series Roto-Rack
1SKBXRack2   1SKBXRack2 2 Unit Shallow "X" Rack
1SKBXRack3   1SKBXRack3 3 Unit Shallow "X" Rack
1SKBXRack4   1SKBXRack4 4 Unit Shallow "X" Rack
2x50bob   2 each 50' Microphone Cable
xcbbulk20   20 BULK BLACK XLR Connector Ends (10 each M/F)
gc20blk   20' ft Right Angle 5150 GUITAR CABLE
gc20pur   20' ft Right Angle PURPLE 5150 COLOR GUITAR CABLE
gc20red   20' ft Right Angle RED 5150 COLOR GUITAR CABLE
2000C2935BKG   2000C2935BKG
2000IEM2A   2000IEM2A
202MKV   202MKV Professional Dual Cassette Deck
5150x25   25' ft. 5150 20 awg. MICROPHONE CABLES - LIFETIME WARRANTY
xcbbulk28   28 BULK BLACK XLR Connector Ends (14 each M/F)
5150x3   3' ft. 5150 20 awg. MICROPHONE CABLES - LIFETIME WARRANTY
1xlr   3' to 50' XLR 5150 20 awg.MICROPHONE CABLES - LIFETIME WARRANTY
xcbbulk40   40 BULK BLACK XLR Connector Ends (20 each M/F)
netpawn   5 each 500' ft. SPOOLS PROFESSIONAL 14 ga. SPEAKER CABLE WIRE
5150x50   50' ft. 5150 20 awg. MICROPHONE CABLES - LIFETIME WARRANTY
500x4x12g   500' ft. SPOOL PROFESSIONAL 4 conductor x 12 ga. SPEAKER CABLE
xmf1   5150 XLR Microphone Patch Cable
C214   AKG C214 Studio / Stage Vocal and Instrument Microphone
80292vocal   AKG Acoustics 80292vocal Perception Series Wireless Vocal Set
80293inst   AKG Acoustics 80293inst Perception Series Wireless Instrumental Set
80294pre   AKG Acoustics 80294pre Perception Series Wireless Presenter Set
80295spts   AKG Acoustics 80295spts Perception Series Wireless Sports Set
C1000S   AKG Acoustics C1000S ENG / Live / Production Microphone
C3000   AKG Acoustics C3000 Professional Stage / Studio Microphone
C555L   AKG Acoustics C555L Head-Worn Vocal Microphone
C4000B   AKG C4000B Ultra Low-Noise Studio Condenser Mic, Multi-Pattern
C451B   AKG C451B Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
C451BST   AKG C451BST Matched Pair of C 451 B | 5150 Music Supply
C5   AKG C5 Stage Vocal Condenser Microphone
C520L   AKG C520L Behind-the-Neck Head-Worn Microphone (For Wireless)
C535EB   AKG C535EB Classic Vocal / Instrument Condenser Microphone
SS7725B   All-Steel Speaker Stand
ATHM30   ATHM30 Closed-back Dynamic Stereo Monitor Headphones (1.6W)
AT2010   Audio Technica AT2010 Cardioid Condenser Handheld Microphone
AT2020   Audio Technica AT2020 Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone
AT2020USB   Audio Technica AT2020USB USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone
AT2035   Audio Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
AT2050   Audio Technica AT2050 Multi-pattern Condenser Microphone
AT831cW   Audio Technica AT831cW Cardioid Condenser Lavalier Mic for A-T UniPak Wireless Systems
AT889cW   Audio Technica AT889cW Noise-Cancelling Headworn Microphone for A-T UniPak Transmitters
ATHM20   Audio Technica ATHM20 Closed-Back Dynamic Stereo Monitor Headphones (1.2W)
ATM250DE   Audio Technica ATM250DE Dual-Element Instrument Microphone
ATM710   Audio Technica ATM710 Cardioid Condenser Handheld Microphone
ATM75   Audio Technica ATM75 Cardioid Condenser Headworn Microphone
ATW702   Audio Technica ATW702 700 Series Wireless with ATW-T702 Handheld Unidirectional Mic
BP892CLM3   Audio Technica BP892CLM3 MicroSet Subminiature Headset for Sennheiser Wireless
ATHM2X   Audio-Technica ATHM2X Mid-size Open-back Dynamic Stereo Headphones
ATHM3X   Audio-Technica ATHM3X Mid-size Closed-back Dynamic Stereo Headphones (Extended Range)
ATHM40fs   Audio-Technica ATHM40fs Precision Studiophones
ATHM50   Audio-Technica ATHM50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (with coiled cable)
ATM75cW   Audio-Technica ATM75cW Cardioid Condenser Headworn Mic for A-T UniPak Wireless Systems
ATW1811D   Audio-Technica ATW1811D Camera-Mount UHF Wireless System with Bodypack and Lav
ATW1812D   Audio-Technica ATW1812D Camera-Mount UHF Wireless System with Plug-in Transmitter
ATW1813D   Audio-Technica ATW1813D Camera-Mount UHF Wireless System with Plug-in Transmitter
ATW1821D   Audio-Technica ATW1821D Camera-Mount Dual Channel Wireless with Two Lavs
ATW701H   Audio-Technica ATW701H 700 Series Wireless with PRO 8HEcW Headworn Mic
BP892CT4   Audio-Technica BP892CT4 MicroSet Subminiature Headset for Shure Wireless
BP892CT4TH   Audio-Technica BP892CT4TH MicroSet Subminiature Headset for Shure Wireless (Beige)
BP892CW   Audio-Technica BP892CW MicroSet Subminiature Headset for A-T UniPak
BP892CWTH   Audio-Technica BP892CWTH MicroSet Subminiature Headset for A-T UniPak (Beige)
APM150PRO   Audio2000S APM150PRO Professional Super-Cardioid Neodymium Dynamic Microphone with 20 ft. Cable
AWM6031DU   Audio2000S AWM6031DU Handheld Wireless Microphone System
awm6122u   Audio2000S AWM6122U Rechargeable Dual Handheld Wireless Microphone System
ADX10FLP   Audix ADX10FLP ADX Series Flute Microphone
ADX40   Audix ADX40 ADX Series Mini Overhead Condenser (Cardioid)
ADX51   Audix ADX51 ADX Series Instrument Condenser Mic
BabyBottle   BabyBottle Essential Series Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone with Classic Rock Midrange
MS7920B   Bass Drum/Boom Combo Stand
Beta181   Beta181 BETA Series Ultra-Compact Side-Address Instrument Microphone (Cardioid)
Blueberry   Blue Microphones Blueberry Signature Series Cardioid Condenser Studio Vocal Mic | 5150 Music Supply
Bluebird   Blue Microphones Bluebird Versatile Essential Series Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone
Cactus   Blue Microphones Cactus Nine-Pattern Studio Tube Condenser Microphone | 5150 Music Supply
BNC5000   BNC5000 Plush-Lined Banjo Case
MS7701Bcs   Case of SIX each On-Stage Stands Tripod Boom Stand MS7701
79123   Complete Posilock arm to fit On Stage Stands SMS7650 | 5150 Music Supply
1VCAP   Crown 1VCAP Gang Wall Control Panel for VCA-MC Level Controllers
2031   dbx Professional 31 Band Graphic Equalizer/Limiter with Type III
DHB6500   DHB6500 On-Stage Gear Drum Hardware Bag
DTA1088   Drum Set Dust Cover
MN5B   Drum Stick Size: 5B
MS7411TB   Drum/Amp Tripod with Tele-Boom
DS300B   DS300B Posi-Lok Mini Boom Desktop Stand
DS6213   DS6213 Gooseneck Desktop Stand
DS7100B   DS7100B Basic Fixed-Height Desktop Stand, Black
DS7100C   DS7100C Basic Fixed-Height Desktop Stand, Chrome
DS7200B   DS7200B Adjustable Height Desktop Stand, Black
DS7200C   DS7200C
DS7200QRB   DS7200QRB Quik-Release Adjustable Desktop Stand
DS7425   DS7425 Tripod Desktop Stand
DSC7600   DSC7600 Desktop Clarinet Stand
635NDB   Electro-Voice 635NDB Classic Handheld Interview Microphone with N/DYM Capsule
Cardinal   Electro-Voice Cardinal Condenser Vocal & Instrument Microphone
FC5000CDJ   FC5000CDJ CDJ Player Flight Case
FC7002FR   FC7002FR FC7000 Series 2-Space Flight Rack
FC7004FR   FC7004FR
FC7006FR   FC7006FR 6-Space Flight Rack
FC7008FR   FC7008FR 8-Space Flight Rack
DT8500   Guitar/Drum Throne
SNK164100   In-Line Audio Series Snake 100' ft. 16 Channel Snake
MS7311B   Kick Drum/Amp Mic Stand
KS7100   KS7100
KS7190   KS7190
KS7190BLB   KS7190BLB
KS7191w   KS7191w
KS7290   KS7290 On-Stage Stands Pro Heavy-Duty Single-X ERGO-LOK™
KS7350   KS7350 On-Stage Stands Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z
KS7365EJ   KS7365EJ On-Stage Stands Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z w/ 2nd Tier
KS7390   KS7390
KS7902   KS7902
KS7903   KS7903
KS8190X   KS8190X
KS8191XX   KS8191XX
KS8290X   KS8290X
KS8291XX   KS8291XX
KS8390X   KS8390X
KS8391XX   KS8391XX
KSA100   KSA100
KSA8000   KSA8000
KT7800BLB   KT7800BLB
KT7800plus   KT7800plus
LS/SS7770   LS/SS7770 -PAIR (2each) 10-Foot Universal Lighting/Speaker Stand
MIX400   MIX400 On-Stage Gear Autolocator/Mixer Stand
MS7201B   MS7201B
MS7201C   MS7201C
MS7201QRB   MS7201QRB
MS7250   MS7250
MS7255PG   MS7255PG
MS7411B   MS7411B
7411ds   MS7411BDrum/Amp Tripod with Boom
MS7510   MS7510
MS7515   MS7515
MS7520   MS7520
MS7600B   MS7600B
MS7625B   MS7625B
MS7625C   MS7625C
MS7625PG   MS7625PG
MS7700B   MS7700B
72010   MS7701B Euro-Boom Mic Stands
MS7703B   MS7703B
MS9411TBplus   MS9411TBplus
MS9700B   MS9700B
MS9700Bplus   MS9700Bplus
MS9701B   MS9701B
MS9701Bplus   MS9701Bplus
MS9701TB   MS9701TB
MS9701TBplus   MS9701TBplus
MSA7020B   MSA7020B
MSA7020TB   MSA7020TB
76045z   MSA7020TB Tele-boom Euro-clutch Long Boom
MSA7040B   MSA7040B
MSA7040TB   MSA7040TB
MSA7040TC   MSA7040TC
MSA7500CB   MSA7500CB
case2050xlr   NEW Case of 20 each 20 gauge 5150 50' MICROPHONE CABLE LIFETIME WARRANTY
case4025xlr   NEW Case of 40 each 20 gauge 5150 25' MICROPHONE CABLE LIFETIME WARRANTY
CB4000   On Stage Gear CB4000 Backpack Cymbal Bag

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