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5150 Enterprises, Inc.
...for the Musician with Expensive Tastes & Smart Money.

5150 Enterprises was originally created (2001) to offer Web Design & Development Services. I had a Traumatic Brain Injury in September 2000. During my Rant and attempts to leave the ER with my head cracked open the Nurse threatened restraint & made a comment about calling in a 5150 on me if I left again...

When I got back to the Tech certificate programs I was in at SDCCD at the time the capstone assignment was to create an online business. So I did: 5150 Enterprises dba which specialized in Websites, Domain Name Sales, Hosting, and Consulting which I still do. The name came from a combination of the - 5150 - comment the Nurse made and the value I always intend to provide in any of my business dealings. In a several year's earlier marketing course (UNLV) I had created the concept of 'Promise ONLY what can be delivered then deliver MORE than what's promised' which is a standard I continue to live up to. Golden Rule applies always. Another thought for the idea for the name was along the lines of the 'crazy' prices I planned to offer. Value & Bang for the Buck, etc.

Later on in 2004 I began selling Music Industry products online. 5150 Enterprises has plans to branch out into other industries & product lines when it makes sense to do so.

5150 Enterprises, Inc. mission is to provide the finest in affordable professional music equipment and accessories using the Internet and efficient supply chain management to lower the consumer's cost. We only supply the market niche of quality professional music equipment and accessories which are, for a variety of reasons, not well served by large retail and/or other online dealers. Because our only focus is these product lines and we buy in volume, or dropship direct from the manufacturer it allows us to pass on this savings to you!
We are located in Southern California with our main offices in San Diego and distribution throughout the United States. We are fortunate to be positioned in these locations because it allows us to avoid the shipping costs retailers in other areas of the country have to bear. This enables us to pass on that savings to you!
We thank you for choosing us because of your belief in our ability to meet or exceed your expectations of price, service, and selection - and we will.

Gary George
5150 Enterprises, Inc.
43825 Barletta st.
Temecula, CA. 92592

ph: 619-733-2211
Locals please call for appointment. Warehouse not open to public.

NOTICE: There are some Intellectual Property Rights that belong to ELVH, Inc. that should not be confused with mine. Anything I sell never has been, and never will be physically branded or intentionally marketed and/or represented as a product endorsed by Eddie Van Halen unless it says so. Do not Confuse my generic cable values with his quality gear. I have more Integrity, Honor, & Respect for Eddie Van Halen & his band as the World Famous MegaRockStars they are than to ever dream of crossing that line. I use the characters - 5150 - because they are a part of my Business Name which is also in it's history, the dotcom, and many other DotCom's owned by it. I would've certainly become a Dealer on his Products years ago but couldn't afford the inventory & don't think FMIC (or Peavey) would've done the dropship thing. Authentic & Endorsed EVHgear can be found by clicking here.